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Who will tell the people? 

We are now in the full grip of Progressive Politics = Totalitarian Rule = Marxism.

Alan Jones interviewed businessman and former advisor to the Abbott Government, Maurice Newman.  Mr Newman stated during the interview that 'our servants have become our masters'.  Who can argue he is wrong in this increasingly dark political climate currently being experienced in Australia?  The interview is below.


Alan Jones 2GB interview - Maurice Newman
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"Everything Maurice Newman said on Alan Jones program show today (21 April 2016) is correct.  But, what he left out is that everything is part of the Globalist United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 21.  21 stands for the 21st Century, and Sustainable Development 2030.


Australia was signed onto Sustainable Development Agenda 21 in 1992 by Keating, it is now in every aspect of our lives. In September 2015, Turnbull and Bishop signed Australia onto Sustainable Development Agenda 2030. Just as Lord Monckton predicted, Tony Abbott was removed from office, because he would not sign the 2030 document.


Totalitarian Rule = Marxism is the order of the day under Sustainable Development.


Three weeks after the 2013 election, Julie Bishop spoke at the pulpit of the UN, telling the audience that Australia supports the UN Sustainable Development. Interestingly, the People of Australia have NEVER been told about the UN Sustainable Development.


Its not a conspiracy theory, but it is indeed a conspiracy. A conspiracy against the world's populations.


The entire political class are up to their necks in the conspiracy, simply because they have kept the voters in the dark. Not many of the population know about the UN Treaties: they are now in every aspect of our lives, and gaining momentum. The media is also complicit in this conspiracy.


Mining, water rights, property rights, sending all manufacturing, industry and technology overseas.  Native Vegetation Acts, Kyoto Protocol, climate change fraud, gender equality,  LGBT,  Safe Schools program, regionalism/amalgamated councils ..... all come under the UN Sustainable Development Treaties.


Part of the plan, that Christiana Figueres (Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) talked about - the Economic Transformation, which will be Energy Credits.  CO2!  The Transformation of the world, as the UN states it: ‘THE FUTURE WE WANT'.

"This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic

development model, for the first time in human history" Ms Figueres stated at a press conference in Brussels.




The Free Trade Agreements and the TPP /Trans Pacific Partnership all have their genesis in the Globalist UNl.  Every Nation MUST be drowning in debt. Its part of the Global Agenda - which, by his actions Turnbull obviously agrees with:THE GLOBAL AGENDA MUST COME FIRST.


As we contemplate the situation in Greece, and the indebtedness of Australia, a legacy left by the ‘world’s best treasurer’, we should not forget the words of Wayne Swan who boasted of increasing our credit limit so we could borrow more, all for the global good of course.

According to Swan:  “we passed legislation in June allowing us to join with other countries to increase our credit line under the expanded New Arrangements to Borrow.”  Swan claimed, in his address to the World Bank, "Australia is prepared to put aside its own self-interest and become more indebted to the IMF and the World Bank".  In the words of the Treasurer, Australia’s “Short-term self-interest must be put aside in favour of the long-term common global good.”


According to the report by Wroughton and Brandimarte:“Australian Treasurer Wayne Swan said it was time for a political solution. ‘Short-term self interest must be put aside in favour of the long-term common global good of achieving an efficient, credible and legitimate IMF,’ Swan told the IMF meetings. ”The goal of our ‘democratically’ elected representatives is to strengthen the IMF and the World Bank, and also other global institutions of course.


How dare selfish Australians put Australia first, ahead of the global good!


The global anti-Australian aspirations of Wayne Swan are shared by other members of the Australian government. Greens MP Adam Bandt, like Wayne Swan, has also emphasised the importance of taking a “world view” rather than an Australian view, a clear indication of the ‘need’ to work against the interests of Australia wherever and whenever necessary.


We are now in the full grip of Progressive Politics = Totalitarian Rule = Marxism.  Who will tell the People?

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