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What's so wrong with the UN?


There have been controversies and criticisms of the UN and its activities since at least the 1950s. In the United States, an early opponent of the UN was the John Birch Society, which began a "get US out of the UN" campaign in 1959, charging that the UN's aim was to establish a "One World Government."  Now these calls are being rung out around the world as more citizens recognise the threat to their countries' democracies. The idea of a One World Government or a New World Order is no longer just a conspiracy when people like the US Secretary of State, John Kerry and Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd openly support the idea. John Kerry speaks openly about it on the video below:

The UN continues to influence Governments all over the world, the latest being their criticism of Tony Abbott's illegal immigrant policy.  Yet it props up, and even celebrates, dictators like Robert Mugabe through foreign aid.  The UN allows people from the most undemocratic societies on earth to chair forums such human rights panel. The United Nations has been criticised for handing Saudi Arabia a key human rights role, despite the Kingdom having “arguably the worst record in the world” on freedoms for women, minorities and dissidents.  

Why the United Nations is considered undemocratic

Any single member of the Security Council can cast a 'no'vote - or veto - to override any action of the UN General Assembly.  One veto in the Security Council means that even if every other country in the world voted in favour of a UN resolution, it would fail to pass.  There are only 5 nations with authority to make final decisions - China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States - these are the UN Security Council veto power nations.  


Even if literally every other country in the world were in favor of UN Resolution X, one "no" vote in the Security Council means that Resolution X fails to pass.

Will the remaining nations seek a new structure which is more democratic?  We can live in hope.


We could spend years writing about the damage UN treaties and conventions have done to Australia.  Here are just a few:


UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

This convention has overseen adult authority eroded to the point that parents and teachers are unable to reprimand or discipline children under their care.  This has lead to a breakdown in society where young childrens have lost respect for those in positions of authority such as teachers and the Police. Children are being taught about their 'rights' but not their responsibilities, making parenting very difficult.

Global Warming, Climate Change

We've seen the most outrageous claims made as a result of global warming and climate change scares.  Each time it's hot - we're bombarded with messages about record temperatures, although when it's cold, there's not much mention about global cooling.  Despite scientific evidence that global warming has stalled for the past 17 years, an industry has grown out of these scares.  People and organisations have made a lot of money, electricity prices have climbed as expensive and inefficient renewables are fed into the grid.  People on low incomes are making decisions whether to heat or eat.

We now learn that under a cloke of secrecy, Greg Hunt pushed legislation through both houses to introduce an emissions trading scheme on 1 July 2016.  This is despite an agreement with the Nationals not to change Abbott policies.  In what is a master stroke for the Greens and the Left, even if the Liberal Coalition loses the election on 2 July, Labor will continue with the ETS.  We're about to see our power prices increase and 150 top 'emitters' charged.  And the rate isn't 5% as it was under Julia Gillard.  It's 20%.  

We shouldn't be surprised though.  At the UN Climate Conference in 2015 held in Paris, Julie Bishop signed the Declaration on International Carbon Markets.  Will electricity prices rise?  Shhhhhhhhhh!  Yes they will - but don't tell anyone.

This will cost Australia billions of dollars and has gone against what Australians voted for in 2013 - no carbon tax (or ETS).  Already, billions of dollars have been wasted trying to change the temperature of the planet by less than 2 degrees.















The  Climate Change Agreement was signed in Paris by Julie Bishop - and it will cost Australia billions. We've seen billions of dollars wasted on trying to change the climate be less than 2 degrees.  Money that could have been spent to bring undeveloped countries out of poverty.  Truth in science has become a casualty with the UN as they continue to ignore evidence for their own self preservation.


The Lima Agreement


Signed in 1975 by Gough Whitlam, the Lima Declaration has had far reaching effects in Australia, which can clearly be seen as the blueprint for the disastrous policies embracing the dangerous philosophy known as Globalisation. 


The Lima Declaration calls upon the developed countries (like Australia) to eliminate barriers to trade with developing countries and encourage their manufactured exports.


They have been asked to “restructure” their industries in order to deploy production capacity to developing countries and to expand technical assistance programmes. They were also asked to co-operate in ensuring that the activities of transnational corporations conform to the economic and social aims of developing countries in which they operate. They were further asked to avoid discriminatory and aggressive acts against States which exercise sovereign rights over their own natural resources. All these recommendations are, in differing degrees, matters of controversy. But encouragingly, there is no question of the general direction of change recommended – that of industrialising the poorer countries at the expense of developed nations. 

More can be read under The Lima Agreement tab.

Many of the policies being legislated in Australia have their roots in the UN - high density housing is another.  Is it time for Australia to cut ties with the UN?  

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